Rain Gutter

Facts state that it costs significantly less to prevent damage than it does to repair it. Many homeowners make the mistake of failing to consider proper rain gutter installation until it’s too late and damage has already been done.

Some signs of needing rain gutter repair include staining and discoloration on the siding of the home. If a rain gutter is doing its job, this won’t be happening. Another sign is excessive settling of the home. If doors no longer shut properly and cracks start appearing in the ceiling, walls and floor, the rain gutter system should be investigated. If the rain gutter fails to direct the rain water away from the home, it often results in a softening of the earth during the wetter months.

The cost of repairing a rain gutter is significantly less than the price of mold remediation or foundation repair. Proper drainage and rain water control are essential for the long term investment of a home. Rain gutter installation, repair and maintenance are some of the most inexpensive investments homeowners can make, usually costing only 1% of the price of the home. So if your rain gutters need work, there is no reason to delay.