Galvanized Gutters

Gutters see a lot of water exposure, so rust resistance is an essential quality for a good gutter to have. Galvanized gutters are treated with an outer coating of zinc, which stops rust in its tracks. Galvanized gutters are also aesthetically pleasing since they may be primed and painted over with the same paint as the house. This not only makes the gutters match the house perfectly, but also serves to increase the durability of the galvanized gutters themselves.

Galvanized gutters are far from new, and have a long history of quality. Hot-dip galvanized gutters have been in use for over 150 years, and are far superior to steel and iron due to their zinc content. Galvanized gutters are also a favorite for their low price and ease of maintenance.

Galvanized gutters are one of the best options for the Bay Area climate. The salty, briny air of coastal regions makes aluminum and vinyl gutters a less than optimal choice when compared to the durability and efficiency of galvanized gutters.

Even the best of gutters will be worthless if not installed correctly, so always contract a skilled professional for these types of jobs. Give our gutter installation professionals a call today!